VeryAsian VA Community

Celebrating Asian representation & community in Virginia.

Celebrate the rich diversity and culture of the Asian community in Virginia at our annual Very Asian celebration.

Highlighting Asian Community in Virginia

Our Mission

Discover our passion for promoting Asian representation in Virginia through community involvement and events.

Explore the Rich Asian Culture in Virginia

Through our events and projects, VeryAsian VA celebrates the vibrant and diverse community of Asian Americans in Virginia.

Join our Community Today

Become a part of the Very Asian family and share in our celebration and appreciation of Asian culture and representation in Virginia.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of events do you hold?

We are planning to host a variety of events, including cultural celebrations, educational workshops, and networking opportunities, but with a limited small staff we focus primarily on our annual VeryAsian VA celebration held in May until our community grows.

  • How can I get involved in the community?

You can get involved by attending our events, volunteering, or becoming a member of our organization.

  • Is your organization focused on a specific Asian ethnicity?

No, our organization aims to celebrate and support all Asian identities and cultures.

  • Are non-Asians welcome to attend your events?

Yes, our events are open to everyone and we welcome people of all backgrounds to join our community.