Asian American Appreciation Event at Renaissance School

Renaissance School

Yesterday the @renschool Asian American Appreciation class had the distinct honor of having an informal meeting with @soogi_vaf (Executive Director) and @michellelitv (Co-Founder and President) of @theveryasianfoundation based in St. Louis, MO. We talked about our shared passion of celebrating the Asian American experience, ways to collaborate, and expanding on what we are doing here in Cville and beyond. To sit in a room (even virtually) with these amazing Asian women was awe inspiring and confirmed the importance of doing work that needs to be heard and seen by and for Asian Americans.

Afterward, we met with local painter Jing Shui @dr.jingshui at her studio in @mcguffeyartcenter . She told us about her journey relocating here from Beijing about 8 years ago and her experience as a Chinese woman in Charlottesville. Jing showed us her current exhibit “Outside In” depicting her half outsider/half insider view about China‘s COVID stories. Seeing her amazing work can bring the viewer to a place that seems so far away yet at the same time was only 3yrs ago. Her show us up on the 1st floor of McGuffey until Sunday, February 26th. Go see it!

Big thanks to for connecting us and helping us secure a perfect space to have our meeting!



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